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The hill of "Křížový Vrch" and the Hotel itself are a place which will amaze you with its unique atmosphere. The interconnection between the Hotel and its surroundings is omnipresent, and you can enjoy the peace of the forest and the beautiful mountain panorama undisturbed. The foothill of the Hrubý Jeseník mountains truly invites you to discover new places. There are plenty opportunities for tourism, sports and leisure - and you should not miss out on any of them.

In the vicinity, you can visit for example the popular tourist lookout tower at the hill of Zlatý Chlum (Golden Barrow), you can take a hike or a comfortable four-seat chairlift to the peak of Šerák (Dusk Mountain), or you can hike all the way to Praděd (Grandfather), the highest peak of the whole Jeseníky Mountain Range.

Many tourists visit the attractive cave systems Na Špičáku and Na Pomezí. A beautiful nature trail along the creek of Bílá Opava is also very popular, leading from the village of Karlova Studánka to the Barborka mountain hut. Other worthwhile attractions include the trail from Rejvíz to the bog lake of Mechové Jezírko, Sovinec Castle, or the museum in Jeseník Water Fort, where there is a permanent exhibition about the history of local witch hunts in the 17th century.

There are also spa destinations where you can undergo a complete revitalization of your body and comfortable relaxation: the nearby Priessnitz Hydrotherapy Spa in Lázně Jeseník, Karlova Studánka Spa, or the Thermal Spa in Velké Losiny, 35 kilometres away. We can also recommend a wonder of Czech engineering, the pumped-storage hydroelectric power plant at the hill of Dlouhé Stráně, the famous Walk in the Clouds pathway in Dolní Morava, or the artillery fort in Králíky, which are all worth a visit.

All sports enthusiasts are welcome in the Adrenaline Park in Česká Ves, or they can visit Lázně Jeseník, where they will find tennis courts, a ropes course, a miniature golf course and a maze. For children, we definitely recommend a visit to the Lego museum. And - last but not least - there is also the beautiful ski resort of Červenohorské Sedlo.

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