Private Cinema

Welcome to your private cinema

Křížový Vrch Hotel offers many extraordinary experiences, and the private cinema is one of them. Are you pleasantly tired after an all-day trip? Would you like a little privacy for yourself and your significant other? Do you want to make use of every minute of your family's recreation time? The private cinema is just the right fit for you and your family, offering a large number of titles in exceptional video and audio quality DT, Dolby Digital HDR. Here you will have the chance to become a cinema manager and it will be entirely up to you what movies the cinema will show. We have classic fairy tales, family movies and even the latest dramas or comedies.

We strive to provide you with maximum comfort and superior services, and that is why we recommend our cinema to you as an astonishing experience - not just for you, but also for your children, who will surely glow with happiness in their comfy chairs, with popcorn in their hands.

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