Restaurant Křížový vrch in Jesenik

The pride of our Hotel is our renowned stylish restaurant, where we prepare fresh delicacies from local ingredients of the highest quality. We work with regional farmers, producers and hunters in order to bring you real quality products from the local forests, meadows and groves.

Our chefs use the most modern methods of direct grilling, which suggest that all lovers of meat and steaks will get their money's worth here, as we offer meat dishes in the highest organic quality from local producers and from local hunting grounds.

Good meals are of course inherently tied to good drinks. That's why we offer a wide range of wines from family vineyards of Southern Moravia, as well as various beers and fruit drinks.

The restaurant features a separated smoking lounge and a large children's play area to guarantee a fun time for the whole family.

The only question is whether you prefer sitting by the crackling fireplace in the restaurant's cosy interior, which is decorated with more than 50 trophies of game, or rather a romantic dinner under the stars?

We cordially invite you to the table and we hope that you will always be happy to return to us.


Obrázek bez názvu
Obrázek bez názvu
Obrázek bez názvu
Obrázek bez názvu
Domácí Hamburger
Absinthová fontána
Absinthová fontána
Sýrové prkýnko
Obrázek bez názvu
Obrázek bez názvu


155 CZK
80g Goose liver paté,

homemade baguette

189 CZK
50g Grilled goat cheese

in dried ham, vegetables, maple sirup


65 CZK
0,33l Chicken broth with meat

root vegetables and homemade noodles

65 CZK
0,33l Garlic soup

with ham, cheese and egg, toasted bread

65 CZK
0,33l Soup of the day

Grilled meats

  • rare - red inside, the sides are grilled and have a crust
  • medium rare - pink inside, with a slight red structure
  • medium - pink inside, the most popular form of steak preparation
  • medium done - pink to light-brown inside
  • well done - cooked through, not recomiviended
439 CZK
200g Red deer steak

with cranberry sauce

395 CZK
200g Beef tenderloin steak

with salad and sweet corn

425 CZK
200g Beef tenderloin

rucola, dried tomatoes, Parmesan

315 CZK
200g Venison medallions

with forrest fruits

285 CZK
200g Pork tenderloin

with herbs

185 CZK
150g Grilled trout fillet

marinated in herbs

Steak sauces

65 CZK
Pepper sauce


65 CZK
Mushroom sauce


65 CZK
Cranberry sauce


35 CZK
Garlic dip with thyme


20 CZK
Tartar sauce


35 CZK
Chili maynnaise


20 CZK


Main courses

325 CZK
200g Beef burger

with chili mayonnaise and bacon jam, french fries and Coleslaw salad

285 CZK
400g Pork ribs

with corn

195 CZK
150g Pork tenderloin schnitzels
165 CZK
150g Chicken schnitzel
395 CZK
200g Steak tartare of beef tenderloin

served with toasted bread and cloves of garlic

169 CZK
150g Venison goulash

with bread dumplings

198 CZK
150g Roast pork bites

with cabbage and bread dumplings

1350 CZK
1200g Meat platter for several persons
  • beef tenderlion
  • venison medallions
  • pork ribs
  • chicken breast
  • butter roasted potatoes, grilled tomatoes, sweet corn
  • pepper and mushroom sauce

Salads and vegetarian meals

195 CZK
200g Large garden salad

with chive dressing and grilled chicken breast

219 CZK
200g Mango salad

with grilled chicken brest, tomatoes, cucumber, iceberglettuce and nuts

199 CZK
Fried cheese

with french fries and tartar sauce

Exclusive offer

A romantic private dinner in our turret overlooking the Jeseníky mountains
3499 CZK
A romantic private dinner in our turret overlooking the Jeseníky mountains

Amuse bouche

Starter: Duckliver foie gras with mango chutney

Main course: Red derr steak with potatoes au gratin and cranberry sauce

Dessert: Baked vanilla cream with caramel crust - flambéed in front of the guest

 Reservation required in advance. Price for 2 persons.

Side dishes

125 CZK
150g Grilled vegetables

(peppers, zucchini, aubergines)

69 CZK
2x ½ Sweet corn
69 CZK
200g Butter roasted potatoes
45 CZK
150g Croquettes
45 CZK
150g French fries
Homemade baguettes


125 CZK
Traditional czech pancakes

with plum jam, poppy seeds and sugar, butter and whipped cream

145 CZK
Baked vanilla cream

 flambéed in front of the guest

135 CZK
Hot forest fruits

with vanilla icecream, whipped cream and egnog